Posted by: sweetbeandango | June 27, 2011

Wishful Thinking

I’m getting more and more excited every day about the purchase of my Dollfie Dream! I am doing a ton of chores around the house to try and earn some money so I can purchase the DDdy body.

I prefer the hips, waist and bottom of the DDdy body, but the chest is a little too big for my liking ^_^;;

Sometime in August I’m going to get a dollfie “normal” bust to put on the “Dynamite” body, the person doing my face-up for DDh03 agreed with me to sell me a used M bust for a good price. ^_^ So I will have a very cute doll with a “pear” type shape! (Then she will be like me and have to buy size S bikini tops and M bottoms when she shops at Wal-Mart!)

And then, I can’t help but comment on one of the newer Doll Party releases… I can’t afford the limited edition dolls, but if I was going to buy one, it would be this little lady! Neris!


I haven’t played the game she is from but Neris is one gorgeous doll, I just love her character design, hair, and face-up. Plus those eyes are very nice. ^_^

In the meantime, I’m also thinking of buying this wig; though I want to see more pictures of the “choco purple” color to see what it really looks like!

Ooh, shiny.

I like the wig style, a lot like Kallen’s from Code Geass…but not exactly, which makes me happy, because I much prefferred other female protagonists in the series to Kallen. ^_^  (Shirley was WAY sweeter of a character. Just sayin’.) I always loved Kallen until they kept beating the viewer over the head with derogatory pantie-shot mecha piloting scenes and her constant tendency to take showers at ridiculous times. =P

Anyway, really looking forward to this dollfie stuff. ^_^ I can’t wait until it all starts coming together!


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