Posted by: sweetbeandango | June 25, 2011

I have awesome friends.

For my birthday two of my friends got me some pretty sweet nerd gear.

Apparently the two of them were having a competition for who got me the “best” gift.

I foiled their contest quite well by stating the truth– I love both the gifts equally! ;D


The first one of them got me this Gurren Lagann cosplay necklace! Woo! It’s very good quality and came in a really cool little tin. It’s awesome, though very heavy– it’s solid metal!

Now I can pierce the heavens!! 8D

My other friend got me a game I have been going into Gamestop and whining to the staff about seeing if it’s in stock… “Monster Rancher 4” for the Ps2! I have always LOVED the Monster Rancher games dearly, but was never smart enough to shop online for this gem of an RPG. Luckily my friends have more brainpower than I do. 🙂

Now I can raise all the Lesiones I want! MUWA HA HA!

Last but not least my mom got me this shirt for my birthday because she is wonderful. I love you, Mom! I almost cried when I opened this, haha.

Dobby will always be there for Harry Potter.

So yeah, case in point…awesome birthday!


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