Posted by: sweetbeandango | June 25, 2011

DDh03 is here!

My VOLKS Dollfie Dream head came in the mail today!

I ordered the DDh03 model, the same as the character image “Yukino.” I am currently on the waiting list of someone awesome on Flickr who will paint the head for me for an extremely reasonable price of $35– it’s especially good considering I would have spent almost that much to buy the paint for the doll anyway, only to mess it up trying to do it myself!

Isn't she lovely? Well...for a head, anyway!

She came with a very nice VOLKS membership card with my name on it, as well as the 22mm Animetic Eyes that I ordered for her. The eyes are very pretty, though they are more gray in real life than the brighter blue seen in the picture.

Type D Animetic eyes in "Ruri"

I also ordered a custom “Geass” eye on eBay. Very excited for it to come in the mail! Now my doll will have the awesome power of Geass.

Dollfie vi Britannia commands you...give me a hug!

So far I don’t have too much done, but I’m sure getting excited about this lil’ lady!


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